God of War (2017) Review

God of War (2017) Review

Rating: 5.0 from 10

God of War (2017) Review In 16th century China, the east coast of the country is being attacked by ruthless Japanese pirates from Japan. General Qi Jiguang, who has been attempting to rout the invaders, enlists the help of a younger general to... Read more

The Fog (2005) Review

If there were ever a movie that could benefit from a remake, it was John Carpenter’s The Fog (1980). That is in no way meant to sound demeaning about the original. For one thing I felt it was strong enough to make my final fifty for my book... Read more

Jaws The Revenge (1987) Review

Following on from the frankly dire Jaws 3-D, the fourth movie in the saga sees us back in Amity where Police Chief Officer Martin Brody has been driven to his grave by the mere thought of another shark swimming by. His son Sean (Mitchell... Read more