Acclaimed actor Marshal Hilton takes on Bigfoot in the upcoming Primal Rage, opening later this month.

Q: How does one kill a bigfoot, Marshal?

A shot of whiskey, a shit load of courage, plenty of ammo, and a dream and a prayer if you’re lucky!

Q: How does the bigfoot in Primal Rage differ from the one in other films?

To be honest, I have not seen any other Bigfoot movies start to finish. I’ve seen clips, but never a complete film, so I don’t have any comparisons. What I do know for certain is that this version of Bigfoot is a different and unique vision of Bigfoot as a being. Patrick’s version is ancient, almost like a Missing Link to another life form. He’s intelligent, and cunning, a warrior spirit. He’s definitely not the shy, meek, and mild creature eating flora and fauna. He’s brutal, fierce and ancient. This film also delves into his mystical relationship with Native American spirit culture. The mythical legend of Bigfoot has been told around campfires since man evolved as storytellers. This is just a new paradigm for which to contemplate the Bigfoot legend.

Q: Did you do any research into them for the role?

I really didn’t have a lot of details on B.D. as far as scripted elements. There wasn’t a lot to go on. I just tried to look at the actions of what the character actually did, his scripted actions. In life, people are what they do, not what they say. B.D. is most definitely an enigma. We don’t know much about him, but we certainly get a sense about him. His pace, his style, his cigar, his jewellery, they all say something about him. I think what says even more about B.D. is how his crew reacts to him. Know one ever challenges him, so you never know for certain if he’s just a narcissist, or a guy that could possibly be dangerous. And that’s the key to B.D., the element of uncertainty. The only person that dares to get in his face is Ashley. And there’s a moment when he doesn’t take kindly too her attitude, and he puts his foot down. But in another moment he also offers her his coat as a sign of grace and empathy. And yet another moment when he feels kind of like he’s a pervert. He’s just hard to figure out and that’s his power. So that’s how I took him. Unpredictable…

“B.D.” is the leader of a group of cantankerous and somewhat hostile locals that Max and Ashley have the unpleasant pleasure of crossing paths with while they are making their way back to town. He’s a bit of a blowhard and definitely full of himself. Kind of like a Politician. He’s the mouthpiece of his crew. He wasn’t a “Bad Guy” per say, he just found pleasure playing mind games with people. Patrick and I figured that he was the kind of guy that probably owned the local Hardware Store, the car dealership, the liquor Store, and his band of merry men were most likely guys that worked for him. He’s definitely the Alpha dog in his town.

Q: I assume the director was well versed on his Bigfoot mythology?

I really didn’t talk with Patrick about his research on Bigfoot. I do know that he’s been keen on making this film for close to fifteen years. It’s a subject that’s been close to his heart for a very log time. I just focused on the moment at hand and what I had in front of me, which was the script, and that big hairy Bigfoot bastard.

Q; Do you believe in these sorts of things? Are you a Mulder or a Scully?

lol… For sure Scully… I’m a pragmatist, so anything that I can’t touch, see and smell, generally falls into my field of doubt.

Q: Who played the ‘guy in the suit’, for that matter?

The Director Patrick Magee was “the man in the suit”. When if first met Pat at my reading, he was sitting down in a chair and never got up. They called and asked if I could come meet Pat at his studio. When I got there he came to the door and I was like “…Holy Shit dude…You’re freakin tall…”. Patrick is 6’10”. He actually custom made the suit to fit him like a glove. He was the perfect person to play the beast.

Q: Who has the easier job then – you, having to play a nasty tracker, or the fellow, who stays mute, in the suit?

…for sure the nasty tracker. Hell, we got to walk around the forest shit talking with a bunch of like-minded friends.

Patrick was all suited up with contact lenses and that Bigfoot head. Running around in something like that all day is really difficult work. Add too that, the fact that he was also directing the scenes and dealing with cast and crew, that’s a long hard day of work. Pat was a stud on this film, and his hard work and passion made it all come together.

Q: The movie is playing for a night only. What do you, personally, having done so many movies now, think of this way of distributing films?

Yeah, the one night only thing is a bit disheartening, but it’s certainly better than a stick in the eye. This is my first experience with this concept of distribution. I had never heard of Fathom Events. After doing some research on Fathom, it’s a model that really makes sense for certain types of films. In any competitive marketplace, if a business doesn’t adapt to the market, they will disappear. Adaptation is the key to survival. Fathom Events seems to be their reaction to the evolving nature of how audiences are consuming content. Fathom Events is a Partnership entity created and owned by AMC, Cinemark and Regal Theatres. They have something like 8,000 screens worldwide. That’s a lot of screens sitting around waiting for the Studios to fill. Studios aren’t making that many films these days that warrant the kind of large Marketing budgets needed to push fans to the theatres. So the theatres partnered to find content that they could partner with to self promote these “Events” while waiting for Studio offerings. They don’t have to deal with the Studio demands or split the revenue with the Studio in the same manner. It also gives independent filmmakers an opportunity to deal direct the one of the important avenues of distribution. The theatre’s can promote all kinds of Events: Sporting, Concerts ect. I think the key for the “Event” model of distribution, is that what ever it is that they are going to play, the content needs to be something that is already Branded; a product that already has market awareness. My thought is, that if you ask ten people if they’ve ever heard of Bigfoot, my guess is that nine out of ten would say yes. That’s some serious consumer awareness. I think Bigfoot and Primal Rage checked all the boxes as something they could get behind.

Q: It’s been a pleasure and thank you for reaching out. Speaking on behalf of the cast and crew, I just want to say thank you for supporting this film. It was a passion project for everyone involved. I hope you and your readers enjoy the film. And remember; be careful when walking in the woods…

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